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Disc Jockey

Tune Party Into Newer Height

disc jockey tunes party into newer height

tune party into newer height

DJ In Action

Disc Jockey in action

DJ in action

Tune Your Event Ambiance

Disc Jockey tune your event ambiance

tune your event ambiance

DJ Brings in Fun And Excitement

Disc Jockey brings in fun and excitement

DJ brings in fun and excitement

Disc Turn Table

Disc turn table with disc jockey

Disc turn table


Disc Jockey

Are you looking for the best Disk Jockey in town? If so, we are the best answered prayer for you. Our team has it all for you. Here’s why you should give your nod to us:

  • We have the most experienced DJ that would surely take the fun and excitement in your party into a newer height.
  • Our Disk Jockeys have a sensitive understanding about the importance of music to your event. With that being said, we can assure that our DJ will perform at their best just to give you services that are next to none.
  • We take pride of our dedicated DJs who are always glad to keep everybody on the dance floor. The fun is also moved into a higher level due to the expert mixing of music that will perfectly match to the moment.
  • Our highly esteemed DJs perform in wide range of venues such as in the best clubs, most exclusive parties, and even beach events in Singapore as well as other countries.
  • Just get in touch with us and we will give you the best DJs for different events, fashion shows carnivals, community activities, sport events, award ceremonies and a whole lot more.
  • Driven by the mission to provide unmatched fun and excitement to parties, our talented and versatile DJs are adept when it comes to mixing music regardless of genres. Whether you prefer classic hits or modern pop songs, our DJs are able to give you the best services based on your exact preference.
  • Our disk jockeys are well-versed in communicating with audiences regardless of age and personal preference.
  • We also offer exceptional services for music arrangement and selection for different events just like official launches, gala, corporate and even international events in Singapore and neighboring regions.

Please call us at [ci show=”phone”] to discuss further or drop us an email in the form below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question – Why do I need a DJ?
The right choice of background music that perfectly matches to the moment and the theme is important and only experienced Disc Jockey can do the trick.


Question – Will you provide all necessary equipment when you hire your DJ?
Yes. We provide headphones, music turntable, and CDs that fit to your exact requirements.


Question – Why should I choose an experienced DJ like your team?
Not all DJs are capable of keeping the fun alive in your party. To achieve the highest level of excitement, leave the job to experienced disk jockeys. These DJs knows every detail when it comes to keeping everyone in the dance floor. They know how to deal with the audience in the most efficient way. When you make the right choice to settle with trusted Disc Jockey, rest assured that you are spared from regrets.


Question – Who should I get in touch with if I am interested of your services?
In case you decide to choose our services, feel free to connect with us at the message box below. We are always glad to serve you.
What are you waiting for? Get the most of fun and excitement at your party by hiring the best Disc Jockey in the region.

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