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Wedding Emcees

Do You Need a Professional Wedding Emcees for Your Big Day?

Have you ever been to a friend’s wedding and felt that it was missing something because the emcee was the bride’s or bridegroom’s best friend? Remember how you cringed as you were forced to listen to the contrived jokes and laugh along awkwardly with the rest of the not-so-amused guests? Well, do yourself a favour and avoid making the same big mistake on your big day! It’s one of the most important days of your life, so make sure you hire a professional wedding emcee who can engage and entertain the crowd without making them cringe.

Wedding emcees in Event Lobang

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question : Why can’t I just get my best buddy or sibling to do the job?

Well you certainly can, but consider the following

  • emceeing can be a stressful task, do you really want them to be stressed out or enjoy themselves on your wedding day?
  • can they really do a better job than somebody who does this for a living?
  • do you want your guests to laugh sincerely or simply pretend to laugh at the jokes?
  • professional wedding emcees know how to engage and entertain your guests and keep the spotlight on the couple.


  • Question : Who are your emcees?

We have access to full-time and freelance emcees with over 10 years of experience. Contact us below to gain access to our portfolio.


  • Question : How do I know if your emcees are competent?

We select the event emcees we want to represent based on a few key criteria –

  • that they are able to build a quick rapport with the audience
  • that they are energetic, quick-witted, composed and spontaneous
  • that they are multi-lingual.


  • Question : What is next after our initial meeting ? Preparation of work

Once we have obtained your confirmation for our services, our bilingual emcee will have to understand the theme of the events, the agenda and meets all the relevant person-in-charge to understand their roles and responsibilities for the event to ensure that everyone and the sequence of activities are carried out smoothly and according to plan.


  • Question : Who will write the script for us ?

Once the couple has approved the activities for the night, the wedding emcee will have work closely with the couple the couple childhood details, the start of their courting leading to getting married and their love promises for each other.

After that, our wedding emcee will work with our event project manager to create some interesting activities including video playing of the couple courtship so that everyone will be understand the couple well , witness their love promises and participate all the activities and make the wedding event a memorable event for the couple as this is a once in a lifetime event.


  • Question : Who will take care of the equipment and clothing for the event ?

Event Lobang could provide all the equipment as per required in the event. Should you need additional equipment, we will have to work with the responsible personnel to bring them together.

Also, the organizer will have to advise their expectations on the attire for the emcees as there could be some sensitivity issues where the emcee must be well-dressed and well-shaved. If special request on the attire is required, the organizer may have to provide and advise us.


  • Question : What are the Do and Don’t that we would observed ?

Event Lobang will provide a checklist for the organizer to review and list the DO and Don’t that everyone including the emcees and other personnels involved to observe in the events to prevent unpleasant and choatic events to happen.


  • Question : How much will you charge us ?

The cost for providing the services is very much dependent on the duration of the events and the experiences of the requested emcee.

We will break down the cost on our services and will only proceed upon your approval.


  • Question : How many months in advance must we give ?

We would suggest if you could give me weeks of advance notices to book our emcees as they are also involved in both local and international mega events.


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