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Portable Stage Rental

Portable Stage Rental


Portable Stage Rental

When you have a special event that needs a portable stage for your speakers to deliver their presentation and your entertainers to grab the attention of your guests, you need to rent a portable stage that is large enough for the venue, without being too clumsy and difficult to set-up.

It is not economical to buy a full set of portable stage if you are only going to use it once in a blue moon. Besides initial outlay, storage will also pose a major challenge to anyone thinking of owning their own portable stage.

In our Portable Stage rental business, we have all types and sizes of Portable Stage to suit your needs.  The entire system is modular so we are able to customise the length, width and height of the stage to your exact needs.

With no one more experienced than us in the Portable Stage rental business, we can advise you which type of Portable Stage suits your event ambience and budget best. We can even integrate scissor lifting tables, cold fireworks and other special effects when your budget permits.

Let us work with you closely to come up with a proposal that will suit your needs and budget best.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question –Do I need to book the Portable Stage in advance?

We have over 500 modules of Portable Stage for rental but depending on the season, many gets snapped up and reserved pretty fast, especially towards end of the year during the festivities.  Generally, if you can book at least 3 months in advance, we can even give you an early bird discount!


Question – How much does it cost?

The cost of our Portable Stage rental ranges from as low as $500 per day to $15,000 per day, depending on size, type & duration.  The more frequent you rent from us, the more points you can accumulate and you can use those points to offset the future costs of your Portable Stage rentals.


Question – Does your company provide Portable Stage Rental outside Singapore

Due to the high costs of insurance, freight and customs clearance, it is currently not econimically viable to provide Portable Stage rental outside Singapore.


Question – Besides providing the Portable Stage Rental, is your company able to provide manpower to setup the equipment ?

We offer a self-collect option which you can collect, setup, dismantle and return yourself to save costs.  We also offer a turn-key solution whereby we will deliver the items on the day itself 2 hours before your event, then set up for you and dismantle for you at the end of your event and send them back to our store.


Question – What if a Portable Stage gets damaged during the event?

All of our Portable Stages are within the manufacturer’s warranty and every unit that comes back is tested thoroughly before being sent to the next event.  In the unlikely event that a unit breaks down during the rental period, we are able to provide a replacement at no extra charge.

In the event of breakage due to overloading, you will be liable for the equivalent cost of a replacement unit.


Question – Am I able to book the Portable Stage first before I secure the venue?

Yes you can! Even if you cannot secure your dream venue, we can always deliver the Portable Stage to your 2nd choice venue.


Question – Is there a minimum number of days we need to rent the Portable Stages?

The minimum Portable Stage rental is 1 day.


Question – Do have any price list or guidelines for us to look at?

The costs vary, depending on the number, size and type of Portable Stage and the duration.

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